Android + Tablet = Digital World Renewed

Android’s latest version “Honeycomb” is tailored for the new generation of tablet-sized computers.

Recently in an event organized by Google at its headquarters  “Mountain View, CA, United States” , it demonstrated the software features of the latest Android 3.0 HoneyComb.

The key features include:

  • New, slick looking homescreen widgets, emphasised by Google and touted as a “developer platform in itself”.
  • An overhauled notification system. If you’re a fandroid, you’ll no doubt welcome the refresh with open arms. The unobtrusive notifications are rich in that they can function like widgets and contain rich content like pictures.
  • A performance optimised 2D and 3D experience with “Renderscript” that allows for beautiful application animations and 3D interfaces.
  • A new camera UI.
  • Video chat image stabilization that apparently saves bandwidth because the image stays more uniform for longer.

Check out the demonstration video here

Also check out the features of Motorola Xoom embedded with the HoneyComb OS

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Do you know we are now working directly with the product owner of honeycomb. Our prospects look good if are able to produce the HTML5 prototype by tuesday August 16th COB.

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