Migrating to Azure Cloud – Review

As our Business grows bigger and bigger it becomes an additional Overhead to manage the Hardware and Software Application. If you want to get rid of this to an extent its the time to join in the Buzzing of Migration to Cloud.

Here some checklist before Migrating to Azure Cloud :

1.Identify the Purpose of Migration. Are you looking for Storage to store your documents, images and other files to have a better place on the cloud? OR you looking to just use the compute to processing purposes.

2.Make sure your existing application is compatible to Migrate to Azure. If you are using Access Database then you need to consider to first migrating them and compatible with SQL Sever Database Version. Then try Migrating to SQL Azure in the Cloud.

3.If you are using Windows based Application, you can simply set the connection string to point to the SQL Azure

4.If your application going to access the Blob Storage then decide the Containers which needs to private and public






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Thanks for the Sharing of about cloud computing, Can you please share any article related to cloud computing so that we get more clear idea about it Sir!!!!..



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