Tools for Cloud Azure

There are number of tools started coming up for facilitating the Dvelopers as well as the Business Owners who have hosted their apps in Azure Cloud. Here the List of those Tools.

AzureWatch –
Cost Calculator –
Clumsy Leaf Table and Blob Explorer-
Cloud Storage Studio –
Cerebrata PowerShell Cmdlets –
Greybox – cost limit your dev account –
SQL Azure Migration Wizard – :
Lokad Cloud – .NET O/C mapper –
AzureToolKit –
Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles :

AzureWatch : Paid :
AzureWatch dynamically adjusts the number of compute instances dedicated to your Azure application according to real time demand. User-defined rules specify when to scale up or down, so that your application will always have enough computing power to process the workload without unnecessary over-provisioning. Freed from worries about capacity and overuse in the cloud, you can concentrate on your core business work.

Cost Calculator : Free
A Simple Silverlight Application help you to calculate the cost involved in Cloud with Migration Cost using a
Calculator Style UI

Clumsy Leaf Table and Blob Explorer : Free
To browse through the Azure Tables and Blobs

Greybox : Open Source
The GreyBox application is designed to alert a user if their Windows Azure compute services are currently running, or are even simply deployed. Great for Azure speakers and POCs you don’t want left running.

SQL Azure Migration Wizard : Open Source
SQLAzureMW is a tool that will help you migrate your SQL Server 2005 / 2008 database to SQL Azure. It looks for patterns that have been identified as incompatible and flags incompatibility issues and fixes them when possible.

Lokad Cloud – .NET O/C mapper : Open Source
Provides a High Level Object to Cloud Mapper API Library to access Cloud Blobs and Other Objects like Que without getting dragged down by low level technicalities.

AzureToolKit : Open Source
Windows Azure Toolkit – Simplified library for accessing Message Queues, Table Storage and Sql Server

Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles :Open Source
The Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles makes it quick and easy for you to deploy one or more websites across multiple Web Role instances using Web Deploy.

Here the Simple Comparison of these Tools :

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