What are the Types of Cost – Azure Cloud

When an Application is running on Cloud it involves some cost apart from getting an Cloud Account.

Here some of them :

1. Items commissioned for you: Example of this include any VMs commissioned for your applications. You will pay irrespective of whether anybody is using your applications or not. So let’s say if you host a website in just 1 Extra Small VM for one month, you will pay $0.05 (Cost / Hour) * 720 (Hours in a month) = $36.00. If you deploy your application in 2 VMs (or “you have 2 instances of your role” as they say in Windows Azure lingo), you’ll pay $72.00.

2. Transaction costs: If your application is making use of Windows Azure Storage, anytime you do a successful operation on the objects in Windows Azure storage, you’re charged a transaction fees. Currently I believe you pay about $0.10 for 10,000 storage transaction but please check the pricing page for most current information.

3. Storage costs: If you are storing some data in Windows Azure Storage, you are charged a fee based on how much data you’re storing in Windows Azure Storage.

4. Bandwidth costs: Any bandwdith consumption is again chargeable.


Note :

Delete your deployments when they are not being actively used.

Windows Azure charges for compute hours based on active deployment of a service, not on whether that service is currently working on a task. When you know your service will be down for an extended period of time, delete that deployment to avoid charges.

For More Details about Pricing :


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