Finally the wait for Android 4.0 OS is over

Android started well in the field of Mobile Technology with its OS version 1.5 targeted for smartphones. Android OS was flexible enough for the handset manufacturers to embed the OS into a device with any kind of screen resolution. Later it evolved from 1.5 to 1.6 and then included the Google apis in the 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 which allowed us to use Google maps in a very efficient way.  For a smartphone 2.3 was the last version. Later came  the version of tablets starting from 3.0. And tablets with version 3.0 were really cool in performance and appearance. In short Android had different versions of OS for supporting smartphones and tablets. Now Android comes up with a unique OS that can be used for a smartphone as well as a tablet too. The craze created by Samsung Galaxy Note has been magnificent but with the unique set of Android 4.0 OS features, Samsung has launched the coolest looking smartphone+tablet “Samsung Galaxy Nexus”.

Checkout this cool video to know the amazing things a mobile with Android 4.0 OS can do.  At the end of the video ask yourself a question definitely.

Next time what would you prefer to buy Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Apple iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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