Viral marketing Strategies for MyWannaDo

Wanna Increase the Traffic and customer base of dailydeal site ? here comes the strategy which gone viral!!

ScoopStreet,  a daily deal site of US has adopted a week’s Perk strategy, which is a part of their viral marketing, In which the customer can avail  a free year of cab rides. To activate the deal, 25,000 people must sign up before the deal becomes active. While they haven’t hit this mark yet, it’s hard not imagine 25,000 New Yorkers not wanting to win $18,000 for a year of free cab rides. Two users will also win a second tier prize of one month of free cab rides, a $1,500 value.

The same strategy is been plagiarize in our country by localizing it and understanding the pulse of the masses(Ticketnew, Crazeal). Started campaigns to issue the free tickets of  new movie releases  and cashing on the greediness of people by showcasing Harley Davidson bike for free.

This sort of viral strategies spreads like a wildfire, penetrates deep into the masses and gains instant brand awareness and brand positioning in the market.

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